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EMS training in Q-fit format - is a highly effective workout with using EMS stimulator under control of the Certified Personal EMS trainer.

Training methods are developed on using EMS stimulator, which is based on the principle of electro-muscle stimulation (EMS). Thanks to EMS, 90 % of all muscle fibers are involved in training, which is impossible to achieve with an average workout!

The main advantage of Q-fit style EMS-training – time-saving and guaranteed results! Spend minimum time! Get maximum results!
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Efficiency is 5-6 times higher than an average gym workout
2 training sessions per week is enough
Eliminates the risk of injury
You have own personal trainer
Works through all muscle groups
Training time – 25 – 45 minutes
You get energy boost after each EMS-workout
We provide with all the training gear you`ll need


Shape your body as you like! You can change for the better, just spend a little time on physical development of your body and you`ll be rewarded with a stunning reflection in the mirror. Nothing is impossible! With Q-Fit`s unique techniques - you will achieve your goal in no time!
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How the EMS-training goes?
Basically, one EMS workout lasts 25-45 minutes. Personal trainer adjusts pulse intensity for each muscle group (legs, buttocks, lower and upper back, lats, abs, chest and arm muscles) according to client`s endurance and physical shape. The training consists of three phases: first- warm-up, second – weight training, third – lympahatic drainage massage.
What are the contraindications of EMS-training?
Any workout has its contraindications. EMS method has as reasonable restrictions, as any other kind of sport activities. Among the main contraindications are the usage of an artificial pacemaker, epilepsy, pregnancy, serious problems with blood circulation, inguinal hernia, tuberculosis, tumor diseases, progressive arteriosclerosis, arterial circulation disorders, severe neurological diseases, diabetes, febrile illness, bacterial or viral infections, hemorrhage, severe bleeding tendency (haemophilia). The minimum age for using EMS is 18, upper – no limit.
How many times a week can I do the training?
We don`t recommend to train more than 2-3 times a week. After each training session it usually takes around 36 hours for the body to recover. In order to train more effective and safe, a break between workouts must be at least the above-mentioned period of time.
When can you see results?
You already feel vitalized after the first training session. Visible success, such as improved muscle tone, better posture and skin condition, usually, adjusts within 4-6 training sessions. More permanent changes – within 8-12 training session: muscle growth, power increase, significant weight loss, muscle relief. But of course, every body is unique and it may take different amount of time for different people to achieve the same goal. Also it always depends on the physical condition at the beginning of the training. To achieve quick visible results it is very important to train with the correct frequency and intensity. Eating properly will accelerate the achievement of your goal.
Is there a special program for losing weight after giving birth?
There has been developed a special program at Q-fit studio for young mothers, which is aimed at achieving your goal, as fast as possible! The program consists of EMC training and series of massages! The training can start after 6 weeks from natural birth giving. In case of caesarean section, you should wait at least 5-6 months and be sure to consult with your doctor. You can even train while still lactating. If a young mother has such request, it is possible to minimize chest muscle involvement during training or to reduce it completely.
Does EMS-training helps to get rid of cellulite?
EMS training on a regular basis helps women lose weight and get rid of fat, which helps to reduce the volume in problem areas, for example, waist and hips. The area of the hands and chest is dense and fit. Besides, EMC training helps to reduce cellulite.
What can you achieve with EMS-training?
With the help of EMC training you will be able to strengthen cardiovascular system, to improve blood circulation and physical shape, increase your stamina, gain muscle weight, make muscles recover faster after surgeries and injuries.
How many calories can be burnt per EMS-workout?
During EMC-training metabolism is enhanced, and because of the increased muscle work your body restarts itself from the inside out. After an average workout fat burning process lasts for 2 hours, while after EMS-training it continues for the next 36 hours. The number of burnt calories will depend on the intensity of training sessions with your trainer. The main aspect of EMS-workout isn`t the number of burning calories, but the acceleration of metabolism and usage of all resources that your body has.

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Personal trainer EMS
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Personal trainer EMS
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